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All of our work is shaped by actively listening to what people really want. Our honest, down-to-earth approach enables individuals to take control, become responsible for their actions, and reap the rewards they deserve. One of our biggest commitments is to be as flexible as possible; adapting to each individual we work with, and understanding that everyone needs to be heard, is unique, and should be treated as such.

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With our passion for people we aim to inspire, invigorate, and sustain a better life for everyone we work with. We have become skilled at enabling people to open up about many difficult subjects, within an environment of support and positive progression. We utilise appropriate humour to ease tension. Through our shared experience, over many decades, our directors and staff bring an exciting range of skills, work history, and personality.


We enable a focus on achieving significant step changes, no matter what barriers are being faced. MTH exists to promote equality, diversity and inclusion throughout everything we do - continually educating and inspiring others to do the same. We support people to help break negative cycles; empowering individuals to overcome barriers by celebrating their strengths, and invigorating them to start living to their potential.

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We love providing opportunities on a one-to-one basis, in order to intensively support, guide and enable transitions and transformations. Issues such as anxiety and depression, can make group settings daunting, or even seem impossible. We work alongside individuals to build confidence, encourage reconnections into the wider community, and create sustainable progress. We deliver supported and gradual progression routes towards group activities.


Working with and alongside others creates empowering, supportive, and motivating opportunities. Our group projects bring individuals together for shared learning experiences; gaining from the strengths of others, whilst discovering personal power. Building networks and working alongside others is something crucial to everyday life, we create safe shared spaces for this to develop. Sessions are informative, relaxed, fun and creative.

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