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Firm Foundations – Building Your Future


Funder – European Social Fund


Date = 2021

A 10-week training program (2 hours per session) that will focus on how to build firm foundations, across different aspects of your life. We will also work with you on a one-to-one basis, providing individual planning sessions with our staff team, to explore areas more specifically relevant to you and your plans. In addition, each week we will facilitate a social / wellbeing group session via Zoom – with a structured conversation that is fun, insightful, and enables positive relationships to be formed. The ideal opportunity for anyone wanting to change direction, find new challenges, review their goals and aspiration, discover purpose. We’d love to hear from you. emily@makingthingshappen.org.uk or 01757 291111

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The Big Energy Game Show

(In partnership with Yorkshire Energy Dr)


Funder – European Social Fund


Date = 2020-2021

We are working with the Yorkshire Energy Dr to deliver some fabulous and fun ‘Game Show’ sessions. These have now been adapted to become virtual, and we can offer sessions to any group wishing to have fun, and learn energy saving tips.


Contact Kate (The Yorkshire Energy Dr) now to book a session! - 07738 818391 or kate@yorkshireenergydoctor.org.uk

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