Covid Support - Managing Your Wellbeing

(In partnership with Selby District AVS and Big Local)


Funder – Community Lottery Fund


Date – 2020-2021

With the impact of Covid affecting so many people, we are really excited to be able to offer weekly Zoom sessions, providing support around ‘Managing Your Wellbeing’. These sessions are informal, but facilitated and guided by us, to enable participants to access the help they need, while finding ways to feel better and move forward. If this is something you think might be useful for you, we would love you to join us.

Working with People

(In partnership with Yorkshire Energy Dr)


Funder – European Social Fund


Date = 2020-2021

We are involved in working to support this Yorkshire Energy Doctor Project, providing opportunities for individuals looking towards a future career ‘working with people’.


The project is built around a series of training sessions, moved to be virtual in order to continue throughout covid. The course consists of enjoyable and engaging sessions that explore a wide range of relevant topics in small groups.


- Communication methods - Engaging with different types of people - Maximising listening skills - Reading body language - Managing emotions - Ensuring good quality service provision - Exploring roles within the care, advice and service sectors - Investigating which roles would best suit you and your skills - Addressing skill gaps - Exploring future learning and work placement opportunities


Individual support and ongoing practical and learning opportunities are also provided, following the course. To maximise potential outcomes and provide a personalised action plan for each participant.

The Big Energy Game Show

(In partnership with Yorkshire Energy Dr)


Funder – European Social Fund


Date = 2020-2021

We are working with the Yorkshire Energy Dr to deliver some fabulous and fun ‘Game Show’ sessions. These have now been adapted to become virtual, and we can offer sessions to any group wishing to have fun, and learn energy saving tips.


Contact Kate (The Yorkshire Energy Dr) now to book a session! - 07738 818391 or

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