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Covid Support - Managing Your Wellbeing

(In partnership with Selby District AVS and Big Local)


Funder – Community Lottery Fund


Date – 2020-2021

With the impact of Covid affecting so many people, we are really excited to be able to offer weekly Zoom sessions, providing support around ‘Managing Your Wellbeing’. These sessions are informal, but facilitated and guided by us, to enable participants to access the help they need, while finding ways to feel better and move forward. If this is something you think might be useful for you, we would love you to join us.

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Working with People

(In partnership with Yorkshire Energy Dr)


Funder – European Social Fund


Date = 2020-2021

We are involved in working to support this Yorkshire Energy Doctor Project, providing opportunities for individuals looking towards a future career ‘working with people’.


The project is built around a series of training sessions, moved to be virtual in order to continue throughout covid. The course consists of enjoyable and engaging sessions that explore a wide range of relevant topics in small groups.


- Communication methods - Engaging with different types of people - Maximising listening skills - Reading body language - Managing emotions - Ensuring good quality service provision - Exploring roles within the care, advice and service sectors - Investigating which roles would best suit you and your skills - Addressing skill gaps - Exploring future learning and work placement opportunities


Individual support and ongoing practical and learning opportunities are also provided, following the course. To maximise potential outcomes and provide a personalised action plan for each participant.

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Passion for Progression


Funder - European Social Fund


Date – 2019-2021

We designed ‘Passion for Progression’ to specifically support members of our community to find their own passions and aims, in order to move their lives forward, in a sustainable way.


This project enabled us to work incredibly flexibly, and fluidly, on an intensively individualised basis. Because of Covid-19, this became particularly crucial, and meant that we could move a lot of our work to becoming virtual, for periods of time, whilst offering face-to-face opportunities whenever safe to do so. 


Through an array of intervention opportunities, and via a 360° review of each participant, we supported, mentored and guided our participants on a journey of self-discovery, personal challenge and often tough truths. Dealing with barriers which were faced head-on, we pushed individuals to stretch themselves, question their own ideas of what is possible, and aim for more.


Through this project we managed to support people into employment, self-employment, and further training. One new business was started, a new Community Interest Company established, and all the participants have at least moved on into volunteering roles, further education, and/or other support projects.

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Growing Success 

(In partnership with Selby Hands of Hope)


Funder - European Social Fund


Date – 2019-2020

This partnership project with Selby Hands of Hope was such a success. Covid-19 meant that we had to think on our feet and look quickly at ways to adapt the plans initially made, in order to move forward. Growing Success provided participants with a safe, stable environment, and a chance to connect and feel useful. 


The project offered practical hands-on gardening and learning opportunities, through weekly sessions in a Community Allotment of the group’s own making. We also delivered lead sessions, to develop and form a 'Green Spaces Partnership', with the participants as founding members. This partnership project will be developed and is already bringing a whole host of organisations together, to improve greener spaces, and community opportunities, for the local area.

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Peace Project 


Funder - Tesco Bags for Help


Date – 2019-2020

The Peace Project enabled us to work closely with incredible individuals, who needed to find their own voice, and feel able to make their mark, and share their story. We worked together with participants, through a journey of processing past experiences, assessing present circumstance and looking towards a more positive progression route for the future. 


Using a range of techniques, in an environment of mutual trust, participants courageously addressed their own well-being through inclusive activities, practical tasks, conversations and action planning. Building their confidence and finding their voice. Multi art-based autobiography workshops, empowered participants to express themselves, and their experiences, through creative arts. One-to-one support was provided throughout, giving an opportunity to continually reflect and push forward with progress. 


Participants were also encouraged and supported to build and widen their personal, social and support networks, looking at a sustainable and lasting improvement through this funded project.

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BVocal - Managing Trauma


Funder - Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust


Date – 2019-2020

We successfully ran two BVocal - Managing Trauma courses, with an incredibly brave and varied mix of participants. Each course was made up of ten sessions of two halves, culminating in a public gallery of the art work created. The journey of each participant was both significant and exceptional. 


‘BHeard’ was the first element of each session. Participants addressed their trauma, built confidence and were given the opportunity to gradually start looking ahead. Using a range of techniques, in an environment of mutual trust, participants courageously addressed their own wellbeing through inclusive activities, practical tasks, conversations and action planning.


‘BCreative’ formed the second half of sessions, providing multi art-based autobiography workshops. Empowering participants to express themselves and their experiences through creative arts. Participants gained practical experience in a range of art skills, whilst learning how to channel emotion and recovery through creativity.


Here are some quotes from participants, which better articulate the achievements of this project:


"BVocal has helped me to deal with issues I’ve struggled with for years, and that have contributed towards hospital stays. Now I have a toolkit to help me stay mentally healthy and out of hospital. This course must be cheaper than hospital, so fund it! Please!"


"Built new friendships, trust and learnt to smile again"


"This has helped me enormously to process and face events I was unable to face. It has given me hope that I can progress and enter a more positive chapter in my life."


"Helped me re-focus on myself, tolerate my own emotions better and plan for the future."


"My whole life I've felt trapped, now I have the tools to be confident and move-on."


Watch the film to find out more about this wonderful project.

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Give it a Whirl


Funder - Southern CEF


Date – 2019

Through funding from the Southern Community Development Forum, we ran free taster sessions in a number of villages. 

These were an opportunity for local residents to come along and try a range of opportunities, have fun, learn new things and meet with others.

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ICE (Interactive Christmas Event)


Funder - Southern CEF


Date – 2019

We worked with the church in Thorpe Willoughby, to support them with their revitalisation project, where they were working to develop and expand the church for the local community.


Our Interactive Christmas Event, travelled around the village, telling the nativity story, singing favourite carols and giving everyone a chance to take part, should they want to.


Children and adults alike were invited to come dressed up as a Shepherd, an Angel, or a King, and take part, by stepping forward at the appropriate part of the story.


Various stops on the way will included the village green and The Fox pub (where there was ‘no room at the Inn’!). The journey ended at St Francis’ Church, with a full nativity scene, including a real live baby Jesus! This was all followed by refreshments, a chance to network and socialise, as well as a survey we worked on with the church, to support feedback for future development plans.

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Sherburn Community Outdoor Gym


Funder - Western CEF


Date – 2018

Providing community gym sessions at the new Sherburn Outdoor public gym. Throughout the course of this project worked with a fantastic and diverse cross section of the local community. Participants were able to learn about how to use the outdoor gym equipment, safely and in ways to suit their own individual needs. Our instructors took time to assess their needs and then tailor training to each person, maximising the positive effects of each training session and ensuring participants were training safely, at their own pace.


As well as the physical support provided to participants, individuals were also offered emotional and social support. This meant that those attending, were enabled to move their lives forward by improving both their physical and mental health. We worked closely with North Yorkshire mental health services, and other local support organisations, to enable this opportunity to be accessible for people recovering through other services.


54 individuals signed up to use the outdoor gym with us over the months of May - October 2018.

These people ranged in ages from 16 to 74 and came from all over the district. Most attendees were Western CEF residents, but around 35% came from other areas of the district.

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Body and Soul


Funder - Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust


Date – 2018

We provided an educational and wellbeing opportunity in the Selby District, offering a 12-week course, twice, to focus on both physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Our approach is always to inject humour, care and perpetuating trust into our work, which enables an ongoing dynamic of shared learning and progression.

Throughout this project we addressed individual and group barriers. From the minute sessions started participants were challenged, motivated and supported through a combination of practical tasks and emotional exercises.

Topics covered to address wellbeing and fitness included; sleep, communication, relaxation, time management, handling stress, problem solving, accessing support, diet, nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and increased self-awareness.

As a combination of support and training, Body and Soul allowed us to trial many areas of self-help techniques for both the physical and emotional wellbeing of participants. Showing us that these two areas of our lives really are very connected.

Participants grew in confidence, and accumulated skills and techniques. Feedback has shown that they felt better both physically and emotionally by the end of the course, and had started to find their own strategies for progression, growth and often recovery.

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Retail Therapy

(In partnership with Selby Hands of Hope)


Funder - Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

Date – 2018

For Selby Hands of Hope this project was something very new and exciting, which was run twice throughout 2018. We worked with them to provide an opportunity for individuals to gain support, hands-on practical experience and to build their confidence, by finding out what it means to be part of a charity team.

An initial 6-week introduction course provided tailored support, coaching and action planning. This equipped participants with the knowledge and time to feel more at ease with taking on a work experience placement. These sessions were also invaluable for addressing physical or mental health issues and offering both group and individual support.  Sessions were fun and emotionally supportive, informative and practical.

The course was followed by the opportunity to have a 12-week voluntary work-experience placement. Placements were varied and fun, allowing participants to gain a real over-view of all areas of the charity, whilst finding their own strengths and working through challenges together, and with the staff team.

Portfolios of experience allowed participants to 'tick off' each stage, working towards new targets and goals. This ensured that their experiences were wide, varied and interesting.

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Funder - European Social Fund


Date – 2018 - 2019

Participants were supported on a one-to-one basis with our staff, to identify their own barriers and needs, alongside their aspirations for their future. An extensive joint exploration of possibilities and opportunities for each individual participant, enabled them to shape their own journey towards moving forward and building confidence.


Carefully tailored workshop days addressed wellbeing, employability and personal health. These were initially run with two or three participants at the most, keeping groups small and reducing barriers, building up to more participants together, increasing confidences gradually.


This combination of small group and continued individual support throughout the project, enabled fantastic progress to be made by individuals struggling with incredibly difficult personal situations. The Reactivate programme enabled people to develop their own action path and see genuine progress and possibility through their own incredible strengths.

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(In partnership with Selby Hands of Hope)


Funder – European Social Fund


Date – Sept 2018 – March 2019


Individual support allowed us to explore issues and barriers together with participants, in a safe environment, often their own home. Finding solutions, focusing on future ambitions and creating action plans to ensure sustainable success. We saw fantastic steps forward, including; better structured life routines, further education commitments, employment, improved home environments, confidence building, anxiety strategising, goal and target setting and generally improved wellbeing.


Four workshops offered participants the opportunity to take part in focused sessions looking at their health and wellbeing, providing further support to progress. In addition, each participant was given the opportunity to work with staff to make use of a £100 individual development budget provided by Selby Hands of Hope. This gift was designed to support their progress and growth towards achieveing their goals and ambitions.


Progressing on from this, some participants took up the opportunity to work through a detailed and heavily supported volunteer placement. This built their confidence and developed many transferable skills.

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Thorpe Willoughby Community Fair

(In partnership with Thorpe Willoughby Childcare Centre)


Funder – Community Event


Date – Sept 2018



MTH ran a community event, to support the local charity ‘Thorpe Willoughby Childcare Centre’ and provide a community event for the village of Thorpe Willoughby.

24 stalls and 15 car boot pitches helped to make a fantastic and fun filled day.

This event raised £740 in total – split between MTH and the Thorpe Willoughby Childcare Centre.

A big thank you to Selby Hands of Hope for their support and generosity with this event.

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