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Confidence building

By listening, motivating and supporting, we ensure building confidence plays a vital role in all our project work.  enables us all to do so much more, in all areas of our lives. Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind (your self-esteem) and belief in your own ability, skills and experience; all of which we aim to help you achieve.

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Community Engagement

Isolation can be a root cause of anxiety and depression. Too often we see individuals who have withdrawn from interaction, shut themselves off and are now struggling to overcome this challenging situation. Stripped of their confidence and self-worth, a spiralling cycle of loneliness sustains isolation. We work hard to motivate and encourage people to re-engage, by providing accessible opportunities, through support and understanding. Laughter and fun also often provides a platform for breaking down barriers and making avenues into community engagement as enjoyable as possible.

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Personal Wellbeing

Wellness is about identifying how our physical, mental, and social well-being elements are connected and interact. Our personal choices and activities are included in this, as well as our personal surroundings, situation and support networks. Personal well-being is assessed through four measures: Life satisfaction, feeling the things done in life are Worthwhile, Happiness, and Anxiety. Making Things Happen aims to address all these aspects of our lives, in order to promote and enable improved, positive, personal wellbeing.

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Volunteering is an invaluable tool to support personal development, confidence building and a sense of purpose. We often encourage and support individuals to move their lives forward through volunteering roles within our community. As well as the practical benefits, volunteering also creates a network of friendship, a supported environment for learning and opens up new opportunities.


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”  - William Shakespeare


Problem Solving

Understanding the barriers we face is the first step in solving our own problems. We fundamentally believe that there is a way around every obstacle, we often just need others to help us find our way through or to think outside the box. As individuals, all members of the MTH team have had to overcome their own issues and barriers and continue to do so. Encouraging participants to share their own solutions with people in similar situations can be incredibly empowering and positive. We work to tackle problems both emotionally and practically, providing ongoing manageable change through the development of skills for life.

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Health and Wellbeing

Health and fitness doesn’t have to be daunting and we ensure this by working with each person to support a plan appropriate to their needs. Exercise is for everyone, not just marathon runners and Olympians! We use health and fitness gently and appropriately, to encourage improved physical and mental health. 

The image we have of ourselves is often very different to how others see us and it can be intimidating to even talk about. We facilitate conversations around self-image, to increase self-belief and confidence.

We also know, from research and our own personal experiences, the difference eating the right foods makes to our energy levels, to give the boost we need to help take our lives forward. Therefore, we aim to improve health and wellbeing for everyone we work with, to maximise positive change and improve quality of life.


We believe that the health of your gut is significant to enabling you to feel great.

It has been scientifically proven that tackling nutritional deficiencies leads to better emotional, as well as physical, health. We promote the importance of healthy gut bacteria, through increased understanding about which foods you should eat and at what times to eat them, to maximise feeling as good as possible.

We know, from our own personal experiences, the difference eating the right foods makes to our energy levels, to give the boost we need to help take our lives forward. Therefore, when combined with other techniques, diet and nutrition is a great tool, to maximise positive changes and improving quality of life.

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Learning & Development

We all continue to learn and develop, enabling us to cope and manage with the many changes and challenges that take place throughout our lives. Making Things Happen believes that personal development is crucial to enable your life to move forward as positively as possible. Through our project work we help participants to; set achievable goals and decide how to prioritise, create action plans with manageable deadlines, recognise threats and opportunities, develop skills and increase knowledge, review and strengthen support network and learn how to identify progress.

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We love to be creative and we encourage fun, exploration and play within many areas of our work. Individuals can be empowered to express themselves and their experiences through creativity. We use multi-art approaches to encourage and maximise transformation and the exploration of emotions. Channelling negative or traumatic events and emotions into something positive and empowering, is incredibly satisfying and tangible.

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